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Grant and Rescue Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a safety net for horses, rescues and the equine community. We have limited funds, so we review applications and our board determines to whom we will provide grants.  If you have other ways to raise the funds, please do so before applying to us. Consider that many do not have other options and we are their last hope. 

Applications may be made at any time, and may be granted to an individual or a nonprofit organization for the following:

Non-Emergency Medical Grant

(e.g., tooth extraction, specialized medications, etc.) 

Note: no funds will be provided directly to a rescue or individual. Funds will be paid directly to a veterinarian or feed store/hay supplier. 


Gelding Grant Program

Maximum gelding grant is $150/horse or $300/horse for cryptorchid

One grant per calendar year per individual or organization (a grant may cover multiple horses being gelded at the same time)

Emergency Medical Grant

Beech Brook Farm Inc. also provides a limited number of grants to help in emergency (life and death) situations. Our maximum grant in these situations is $400. These grants are considered on an individual basis. If you are faced with an emergency and have exhausted all other avenues (go fund me, Care Credit, etc.) please reach out to us.

Feed Assistance

Beech Brook Farm Inc. provides a limited number of grants to help with acquiring hay/feed to tide over an owner/rescue that may be struggling to make ends meet due to increased hay prices, job losses, other impacts on regular income, etc. Our maximum grant in these situations is $400. Our intent is to help an individual keep their horses. Obviously, our grant will only be part of what one may need and thus individuals should plan other means to acquire feed as needed. For rescues, hay grants are intended to assist with securing hay/grain for unique situations where a particularly expensive feed may be required to support the needs of a rescued horse.

To fill out an application as an individual, please use THIS FORM.

To fill out an application as a nonprofit organization, please use THIS FORM

Blanket “Barn” 

We have a variety of brand new and gently used blankets in sizes ranging from 50-84. If you have a need for a blanket and are unable to afford one/need financial assistance, please submit THIS FORM, and we will see if we have a blanket that may work for you and your horse. 

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