Between 2007 and 2021, Beech Brook Equine Rescue (BBFER) rescued more than 180 horses and donkeys from auction, abusive/neglectful situations, and owners in distress. After medical and behavioral rehabilitation, almost all of these animals were placed in loving homes outside of the rescue. A handful remained with the rescue due to ongoing medical or behavioral concerns.


In 2021, due to multiple factors, the Board of Directors made the difficult decision to close the physical rescue, sell the rescue property, and transition BBFER to supporting its remaining rescued animals at other locations and offering small, short-term grants. These grants are intended to provide support to local equine owners who are experiencing financial distress or other hardships, and need a little help to keep their equines safely in their current homes or transition them elsewhere for their health and safety.

We are excited for this new direction, and ask that you donate to support these small local grants. Every little bit will help us assist owners keep their equines safe and happy in uncertain times.

Beech Brook Farm receives the highest marks on GuideStar, which monitors nonprofits in the U.S. Visit our GuideStar page for more information.